Plans And Programs

In line with the PNP Integrated Transformation Program, this office outlines priorities which this office intends to achieve.  This focuses on building public confidence, effectively tackles street crimes, makes communities safer, protects the public and utilizes the best of our resources.

  Specifically, this office has the following priorities as action plan for the year 2010 to wit;


a.           RPHRDD

 Incorporate all PNP personnel assigned this PRO for database on Personnel Information System

 To conduct programmed/unprogrammed courses and seminars in coordination with STU8

 Continue the conduct of PDL, IDPA and CADET

 To process application of IDs, leaves and letter orders.

 To issue awards/recognition and certificate of appreciation to deserving PNP personnel of PRO8

 To provide R5 materials for Press Release/tri-media publication on recruitment

 To accept and process/evaluate folders of PNP applicants

 ·To process all PNP applicants for recruitment

 To conduct oath taking of successful applicants

 Formulate Policies doctrines and Rules/Regulation to enhance quality of personnel management.


b.             RID

 To conduct neutralization efforts through intelligence operations targeting still unaccounted Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) covered with DILG Monetary Rewards System; and key personalities of the Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee (EVRPC) covered also with Joint Circular by DND-DILG Monetary Rewards System;

 To hold at least four (4) Regional Police Intelligence Coordinating Conferences/Validation Workshop (once in every quarter) for the maintenance and updating of Target List, Wanted List and watchlist including the Partisan Armed Groups (PAGs);

 ·To establish Barangay Information Networks (BINs) particularly in the CTM White Area Operation which initially given to the PNP pursuant to the operational concept of EO # 546;

·To hold at least four (4) Joint AFP-PNP Regional Intelligence Committee (JRIC) Conferences/Validation Workshop (once in every quarter) for the maintenance and updating of EVRPC Order of Battle and enhance the concept of intelligence coordination/fusion;

 ·Formulation of Case Operation Plan (COPLAN) and/or special intelligence project targeting high value targets (HVTs) both wanted criminals and insurgents;

 To conduct at least four (4) Police Intelligence Seminar (once in every quarter) to improve the quality of intelligence output at the PNP Station level;

 ·Continuous monitoring of Foreign Nationals involved in criminal activities may it be a victim or a suspect; and cases of illegal entrants, foreign vessels and passport irregularities;

 ·Conduct intelligence exchange with our foreign counterparts; and

 ·To provide Police Security assistance Foreign Nationals and to conduct security coverage on visiting diplomats and accredited international organizations

 ·Continuous updating of the Data Base of EVRPC as well as the Target List; Wanted List and Watchlist;

 To conduct validation/production of information on Organized Crime Group (OCG)/Criminal Gangs (CG) and Threat Groups existing in AOR particularly the EVRPC;

 ·To provide operating units with the desired operational requirement; and

 ·Continuous assessment of peace and order and security situation in Region 8

 ·To monitor government officials involved in illegal activities;

 ·Continuous monitoring of PNP scalawags and undesirables for neutralization;

 ·To conduct Security Survey and Inspection to all PNP installations and other government vital installations;

 ·To conduct PBI and CBI to PNP applicants and PNP personnel;

 ·To conduct threat assessment on government officials and individuals whose threat to  life is at stake and needs personnel security as well as threat certificate to individuals whose necessity to possess FAs is needed;

 ·  Implementation of LOI “KALASAG”;

 ·To formulate adjudication board against PNP personnel who violated the security related matters as well as to formulate resolution to all PNP personnel included in the CI Watchlist and who are criminality and administratively charge; and

 ·To conduct Security Orientation Seminar   


c.             ROPD

   Continue the monitoring the implementation of Integrated Transformation Program and compliance of CPNP’s Policy Focus

   Continue monitoring on the full implementation of Integrated Patrol System in harmony with Integrated Area/Community Public Safety Plan of LGUs.


d.             RLD

 Recall all excess long firearms from the different Police Station region-wide to arm the new recruits.

 Conduct a PRO-wide accounting of all types of motor vehicles in compliance to the directives issued by TDL

 Request additional motor vehicles from NHQ, PNP to fill-up the motor vehicles requirement 

e.             RPCRD


Revival/production of the PRO8 Newsletter

 Capability-building (let personnel handling the website maintenance undergo formal training in writing, journalism and basic IT)

 Acquisition of additional computer units to accommodate the increasing workload

 Sustain the conduct of awareness lectures (Human Rights, terrorism, anti-illegal drugs, crime prevention, bomb detection, etc.)

 Reprogramming of the PULIS AN DARANGPAN Radio Program

 ·Sustainability of school-based activities (PROSAC, school visits, lectures in school, continued partnership with school principals, deans, etc.)

 Strengthen linkage and collaboration with other partner agencies

 Strengthen linkage and collaboration with force multipliers, BINs, Socio Civic Groups, anti-crime organizations and other analogous groups

 Conduct activities that provide community assistance and outreach programs (medical/dental, relief operations, bloodletting, etc) in cooperation with other agencies

 Participate in inter-agency activities (National Children’s Month, Women’s Month, Crime Prevention Week, Ocean Month, Family Week, etc.

 Sustain partnership with Regional Sub-Committee for the welfare of children, Regional gender and development Council, Inter-Agency

 ·Sustain operation of the Camp Kangleon Day Care Center

 ·Increase networking with the Muslim communities in Region 8

 ·Establishment and maintenance of more livelihood programs and PNP cooperatives


f.              RIDMD


Quarterly conduct of Investigation, training/seminar on laws and Jurisprudence pertaining to arrest, searches and seizures, rules on criminal procedure and investigative report writing;

 Quarterly conduct of training/seminar for pre-charge investigators;

 Quarterly conduct of training/seminar for summary hearing officers;

 Quarterly conduct of case conference on TF Usig Cases;

 Semi-annual conduct of family conference treating issues on unsolved cases;

 Quarterly conduct of SOCO training to enhance the investigative skills of field investigators;

 Seminar Workshop for Policewomen on basic handling of women and children cases;

 Trainings on investigation of women and children’s cases to PNP personnel;

 Conduct training/seminar on gender sensitivity;

 Seminar on RA 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children’s Act)

 Seminar on RA 9208 (Anti-Trafficking in Human Being Act)

 Semnar on RA 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse Act);

 Seminar on RA 8353 (Anti-Rape Act);

 Seminar on RA 7877 (Anti-Sexual Harassment Act);

 Seminar on RA 9344 (Juvenile Justice-Welfare ACT);

 Seminar on Criminal Justice System;

 Quarterly Meeting with WCPD personnel; and

 Coordinating conference with other government agencies







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