4 NPA Members Surrender to Leyte Cops

4 NPA Members Surrender to Leyte Cops


Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte – Four (4) Communist-NPA Terrorists (CNT) members voluntarily surrendered to POLICE LIEUTENANT COLONEL FREDERICK G SEÑAL, Force Commander of 1st Leyte Provincial Mobile Force Company (1st LPMFC) together with Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB), Leyte Police Provincial Office (LPPO) at Barangay Gaas, Baybay City, Leyte on May 28, 2020.

Surrenderees/returnees are the following: a.k.a LEO, 48 years old, married, a resident of Marabut, Samar, member of CPP/NPA, former member of the Red Fighter (RF) of CN Harabas, Former Vice Squad Leader of CN Toyota, former squad leader CN Main force and recently designated as member POKOT PANIKTIK (Intel monitoring) under Jorge Bolito Command; a.k.a EDIL, ELVIE, EMAN, MAFFY, 60 years old and a resident of Sulat, Eastern Samar, member of CPP/NPA, former Political Instructor (PI) of Military Command Group (MCG) 1st District of Eastern Samar, former section committee secretary, former member of KOMITE Tagapagpatuman and recently designated as POKOT PANIKTIK (Intel monitoring) under CN Florencio Elairon, Jorge Bolito Command; a.k.a JOEL, 53 years old, married, and a resident of Marabut, Samar. He is also an active member of CPP/NPA, former Finance Officer (FO) CN Banog, former Red Fighter (RF) of Regional Guerilla Unit and recently designated as POKOT PANIKTIK (Intel monitoring) under Efren Martirez Command; and a.k.a DONDON, BORNOK, 32 years old, married, a resident of Marabut, Samar, former Militia ng Bayan and recently POKOT PANIKTIK (Intel monitoring) under Jorge Bolito Command.

Moreover, they have turned-over the following: one (1) unit Elisco M16 Rifle 5.56mm (Defaced) with one (1) long magazine, one (1) short magazine with Fifty (50) live ammunition; and one (1) unit 45 Cal. 45 Serial Number (SN):574813 with one (1) magazine and Four (4) rounds of ammunitions, one (1) unit Cal. U.S M1 Carbine SN: 120881, with one (1) magazine with Seventeen (17) rounds of ammunition; B2.2 one (1) unit 38 Revolver with three (3) live ammunitions; and one (1) unit Magnum (Smith & Wesson) .22 Revolver with four (4) live ammunitions, one (1) unit 9mm Luger KG 9 SN: 775217 with one (1) magazine with Four (4) live ammunitions; and B4.2, one (1) unit Ingram M11 Cal 9mm SN: GA 0062 USA with One (1) magazine with Four (4) live ammunition and one (1) unit 45 cal. Pistol Colt 1911 with SN: 1011808, with one (1) magazine, Four (4) live ammunitions.

The extensive intelligence and counter propaganda efforts of the 1st LPMFC enable to locate and convinced the said returnees. They will be endorsed to avail the government’s assistance program for returnees, the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

“Their surrender is very timely nowadays to somehow lighten our burden in these trying times brought by this CoViD-19 pandemic. With this, I commend the personnel of 1st LPMFC for their efficient and effective Police Community Operations,” says PBGEN BERNABE MENDOZA BALBA, Regional Director, Police Regional Office 8.

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