Leadership in a Pandemic 1st 100 Days Challenge

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Leadership in a Pandemic 1st 100 Days Challenge at Police Regional Office 8

Taking the lead as the Regional Director of Police Regional Office (PRO) 8 to combat COVID 19, a pandemic and infectious disease which triggers national health is not only challenging but extremely difficult for the Command.

I advocate participatory leadership that is based on mutual trust, open communication, genuine consensus and team work. Thus, the foundation and underlying philosophy behind our policing system are the three (3) basic Filipino values which actually and faithfully represent the fundamentals of law enforcement that are all attuned to and aligned with the focus directives of our Chief, PNP, PGEN ARCHIE FRANCISCO FERANIL GAMBOA. These core values are summed up by the acronym 3M’s: MALINIS, MAGALANG and MAAASAHAN. These core values must be carried out in order to effectively fulfill our mandate of ensuring the safety and security of the Eastern Visayas Region.

This Coffee Table Book is about my 100-day challenging journey that remarkably made a significant history in my 36 years as a Public Servant and the noteworthy accomplishments of this PRO in line with the 3Ms.

With pride and honor, I commend all the people of Eastern Visayas for the incredible and unbending resiliency they have shown me and the rest of the world. It is because of their stories that ignite the fuel in me and drives me to continually serve with a purpose. The upheaval of this global pandemic will be conquered in a beat of a lighting knowing that resiliency runs through the blood of every Waraynon Warrior. Allow me to serve you with my utmost sincerity and dedication without falter and together, we will perform and transform as ONE.

Regional Director, Police Regional Office 8